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Burg. Crezeelaan 42-A
2678 KZ De Lier

iran agro 2017

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Product description

Benomic Range

With his smooth, modern looks, the BENOMIC distinguishes itself directly in our line of pipe rail trolleys. The trolley is completely redesigned and improved. The BENOMIC can be used for nursing and harvesting the crop and can reach a height up to 300 cm.

Over the last 10 years the double scissor pipe rail trolley has been modified a number of times. After thorough market research we’ve decided to redesign the existing pipe rail trolley completely.
Speed, reliability, simplicity and hygiene were the most important design criteria.

After 10 months of engineering and testing we’ve put all our new ideas and techniques in the BENOMIC, the new reference in pipe rail trolleys.

Compared with the existing pipe rail trolley the BENOMIC has been improved on almost all aspects.
Below you will find the most important advantages;

* smooth surface
* simplicity / maintenance
* platform height
* speed, power, controlsLinks & Downloads


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