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Zone Industrielle de Chazeau
42700 Firminy Cedex

Phone / Fax: show
Phone: +33 47 74 03 199
Fax: +33 47 74 03 123
  • iran food + bev tec 2018
  • Hall 38 38.4.3
  • iran food+bev tec 2017

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Product description

At Clextral we're cooking up innovation with twin screw extrusion systems for snacks that consumers crave, whether you want healthy, indulgent, kid-friendly, novelty snacks, or more:

  • Wavy multigrain chips
  • Fiber-enhanced expanded snacks
  • Vitamin-rich snacks from legumes, fruits, vegetables
  • Sophisticated shapes
  • Textured protein chews
  • Traditional expanded snacks
  • Bi-color and bi-flavored snacks
  • Filled snacks with crispy shells...

Clextral offers to develop your new products, such as bread snacks, traditionally used as a crispy garnishing in soups and salads, they are gaining in popularity worldwide as tasty, healthy and sophisticated alternatives to traditional potato or corn chips snacks.

We develop additional food processing equipment included in our twin screw extrusion process lines for snacks, among them an exclusive flexible & hygienic coating system to give your product  the appearance, texture, structure and taste feature expected by consumers. Clextral coating technology presents an automatic and flexible system, properly sized equipment for optimum coating and spraying distributed throughout the coating zone, and the mastering of the physical characteristics of the process.

Clextral complete lines can put you on the fast track to snack success.

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