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  • Adana Margarine and Oil Facilities

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    Marsa Adana facilities are the biggest factory in Turkey with a production capacity of 200.000 tons of margarine and 100.000 tons of oil per annum.
  • Animal Rennets

    • iraq agrofood 2019
    • Hall 5 5F.14
    The Mysecoren range consists of completely calf and bovine based animal rennet products. The crude materials are carefully selected, cleaned and frozen at a very low temperature in order to be ready for the production and therefore crude materials are processed by using a special extraction method that has been developed by Maysa. Afterwards, the active materials, enzymes, are purified and standardized through a number of processes. Product range varies in Chymosin / Pepsin ratio and milk clot…

    • iran food ingredients 2018
    • Hall 35 35.14A
    The products that we provide are: Antioxidant for fats and oils (EVATEN VM MT70), Antioxidant for meat and meat products and etc. (EVATEN VM NAC, EVATEN VM MT70) Colorant for dairy, confectionary, chocolate, cake and biscuits, beverages, baked foods and etc. (EVATEN VM BC 5% E) Colorant for fat-based foods like margarines, salad dressings, mayonnaise and etc. (EVATEN VM BC 30% OS)
  • BBQ supplies

    • agrofood Nigeria 2019
    • Landmark Centre - hall 1 1A.2
    Ece offers all kind of products for bbq supplies, such as: Kindling & Igniter BBQ tongs furnace and accessories  Charcoal
  • Biodisel Production

    • agrofood Ethiopia 2019
    • Millenium Hall F.4
    AVES leaded another way by establishing its biodiesel facility which has Turkey’s highest production capacity of 50.000 ton/year and 3.000 ton storing capacity. In its facility which is equipped by Desmet Ballestra with the latest technology, AVES produces high quality biodiesel in the form of TS EN 14214 at international standards by reacting the crude oil obtained from oilseeds such as rapeseed and safflower, with alcohol in a short chained reaction with the help of a catalyst. WITH A G…

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  • Bottom Banding Machine

    • iran food + bev tec 2019
    • Hall 38 38.56
    Bottom Banding Machine Working System The incoming Carton from the line or put on inlet conveyor is taken inside the machine via drawing belts with reduction. The Carton of which covers are closed is taped via carton taping mechanism, and extracted from the line, then working cycle continues. The Carton, coming out of the machine is sent to robotic palatalizing line,  manual palatalizing line, or manual Carton receiving line. Advantages Control System: Relay Automatic System …
  • BPZ 400 Full Automatic Thermoform Packaging Machine with Chain and Vacuum (cheese)

    • iran food + bev tec 2018
    • Hall 38B 38B.4.6
    • iran food+bev tec 2017
    BPZ 400 is a complete packaging line with flexibility to meet various needs, which carries out successive packaging processes and provides products with a long shelf life. Having product compliance and a highly sensitive dosing system, it is an improved packaging system which realizes both small and large scale hygienic packaging. Being a machine operated by a single operator, it requries minimal maintenance and works without noise and failure. Thanks to the fact that all its mechanisms, includi…

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    • Landmark Centre - hall 1 1B.1.3
  • cans. - Beaded cans

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    • agrofood West Africa 2018
    • Radisson Blu Hotel Abidjan Airport C.7
  • Cheese Tray

    • agrofood Ethiopia 2019
    • Millenium Hall H.5
    It is a tank where the cheese is produced. The white cheese is fermented on this vat, the cheese is broken, drained by the Cendere bezier and the pulleys on the sides, tables and presses are put in place to make leave the remaining water. After, the cheese is cut according to the molds and soaked with salt water. The capacity varies between: 600 - 1500 LT
  • Chocolates

    iran food+hospitality 2017