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  • Import of Ingredients

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    Mustard products (flour, seed, bran); Egg powder products (whole, yolk and white); Gums (guar and xanthan); Natural sweeteners (stevia and crystalline fructose); Lecithin (liquid and powder); Antioxidants (natural and synthetic); Nu
  • Parmesan Cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano)

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    Parmesan cheese is the unique cheese in the world made only of milk, rennet and salt, with no additives at all. It is strictly bound to its place of origin. During the long aging process, natural fermenting agents in the milk give it its particular flavor and texture. Regularand severe controls are carried out on the farmers, the cows and the milk used in the process to ensure the highest quality.. The minimum maturation time is 12 months and only at this point it can be decided if each individu…
  • Milk replacers

    Product of Alibra
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    The milk replacer is a powder product resulting from the mixing of the milk and the dairy or non-dairy ingredients, or both. Alibra's milk replacers receive the best cost-benefit ratio. In addition, they are versatile because they allow the consumption of milk to be diluted in shakes and drinks or as ingredient in the preparation of the most varied sweet or salty recipes.
  • Dairy & Plant-Based Ingredients

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    The creamy base for your innovative food and beverages. With our know-how of natural ingredients and our expertise in in the development of food and beverage applications, we understand how dairy and dairy-free ingredients behave in your products. We know how to combine the individual components that bring out the best in your food & beverage applications– for a unique and long-term multi-sensory experience. Non-alcoholic Dairy Ingredients made from cream, milk or yoghurt With our acid-stable …
  • 80g tub

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    We improved our packaging and I confirm you that we developed a new 80g tub for the dried grated cheese. It is a tub made with plastic material with a double - mouthed lid; the freshness seal inside favours the hermetic closure of the tub, preserving the product from any kind of infiltration and alteration. Moreover, the total-body sleever outside the tub seals tightly the lid, avoiding damages and breaks of the inner freshness seal.
  • 1kg bag

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    We specially studied the 1kg bag for Food service channel, Catering, Hotels.