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  • Energy storage systems

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    Energy storage systems balance out demand fluctuations and help to integrate power generated with renewable sources of energy into the energy system. With the shift from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy, power generation is also changing. There is a clear move away from large power plants and toward smaller producers. Wind and solar parks, cogeneration units, heat pumps, and biogas plants are already feeding power into the public grid. This has given rise to new challenges for ne…
  • Fruit & Vegetables Preparations

    Product of Frulact Morocco
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    We specialize in stabilized fruit preparations, including with seasonal and regional fruits and/or vegetables. From the classic and typical to the most exotic combinations, we have the knowledge and experience to create custom products to serve our client’s needs.
  • Ice Cool

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    Packing : 24x500ml/carton Country of Origin : Thailand   One of the most crisp and refreshing formulation of young coconut juice, garnished with pieces of young coconut pulp. Perfect! Ice Cool Young Coconut Juice series is one of the most acclaimed formulation for its light, crisp and refreshing formulation. Garnished with young coconut pulp to add onto a perfect formulation of coconut juice, or in some places, they call it coconut water. This product also contains the natural isoto…