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  • Absorbent Pad Kits

    Product of Pall Filtration
    agrofood West Africa 2019
    One-Handed Dispensing of Cellulose Absorbent Pads Enables user to dispense a clean cellulose pad into a Petri dish whenever needed without touching the pad. Handy dispenser kit holds 1 tube of 100 absorbent pads (10 tubes included). Each tube drops quickly into the hand dispenser for easy use. Available non-sterile or gammairradiated. No EtO residuals to impede microbial growth.
  • Agri-plant Engineering

    Product of Awila Anlagenbau
    agrofood Nigeria 2017 agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017
    Today, the production of high-value animal feed demands a high reliability and safe operation of the plant components involved. AWILA® is one of the leading companies for industrial animal and pet feed production. The requirement for hygienic, reliable and energy efficient feed production drives the engineering of the machinery and equipment. To reduce downtime AWILA® integrates all processes in order to provide turn-key plants which correspond with current and future requirements of the …
  • Agricultural Raw Materials

    Product of betterECO GmbH
    • agrofood Nigeria 2020
    • Landmark Centre - hall 1 1.E.03
    betterECO empower farmers to convert to organic agriculture as a one-stop-service, including the organisation of organic certification to different standards in addition to match-making with off-takers in international markets, such as nutrition-, cosmetics- and pharmaceutical companies. The development and marketing of organic raw materials by betterECO in constant high quality enables farmers to achieve better prices, from which they directly benefit. With us, they can afford the technology th…
  • AgTech sector

    • agrofood Nigeria 2020
    • Landmark Centre - hall 1 1.E.04
    Farm Management, Software, Sensing & IoT Ag data capturing devices, decision support software, image recognition, AI, big data analytics, land management tech, financial services   Robotics, Mechanization & Equipment On-farm machinery, automation, drone manufacturers, grow equipment   Novel Farming Systems Indoor farms, aquaculture & aquaponic, insect, algae & microbe production (exclude consumer home grow kits)   Agribusiness Marketplaces Commodities trading systems, online …
  • Air-pillar

    iran agro 2017
    The air-pillar offers short-term ventilation for grain storage at a reasonable price. Its anti-condensation slide pipe system can be stacked up to a maximum height of 5.30 meters, alternatively of up to 10 meters. The ventilation can be shifted around, so that just ventilator is required to air storage space.
  • Automatic sorting scale

    Product of Agrotrust GmbH
    • agrofood Nigeria 2019
    • Landmark Centre - hall 1 1F.11
    The Agrosort System - revolutionary technology from our partner company KORMATEC The Agrosort is not just an automatic sorting scale. In the following text we will inform you about advantages and novelties of the patent pending system. We, the AGROTRUST company, use the Arosort system effectively in our fattening planning to deliver optimal master results. Basic functions: • Sorting of pigs by weight  • Sorting of pigs to the appropriate feeding places  • Marking of pigs  • Sto…
  • AZO Cyclone screener type DA 360 with self-dosing

    Product of AZO GmbH + Co. KG
    iran food+bev tec 2017
    Preferred applications: The DA type of cyclone screener is used for safety screening and fractionating of material, for eliminating foreign matter, breaking lumps, and for lifting/loosening product. The special feature of this screener type is its self-dosing function, eliminating the use of an upstream dosing device.   Special advantages: • Low construction height • No extra dosing device required • Completely extractable without tools • Drive with dosing screw demountable by sna…
  • Beef

    Product of Global Food GmbH
    • iran food + hospitality 2019
    • Hall 31A 31A.15
    The Global Food GmbH sources a variety of (halal) beef from established international producers worldwide. We provide you a high quality and quality inspections are mandatory.
  • Beverage Filling & Packaging Machinery

    Product of KHS GmbH
    • iran food + bev tec 2019
    • Hall 38 38.23
    • agrofood West Africa 2018
    • Radisson Blu Hotel Abidjan Airport D.1
    • iran food + bev tec 2018
    • Hall 38 38.7.6
    • iran food+bev tec 2017
    Supplier of Complete filling & packaging lines for different kinds of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages in PET & Glass bottle, CAN, KEG and also manufacturer of Blow Molding machines.
  • BK II

    iran food+bev tec 2017
    Filling and sealing machine for all types of yoghurt, curd, aerated products, desserts, jelly-products, margarine, spreads, cereals and other food products with state-of-the-art technology. Description: - Inline machine with up to twelve lanes. - Single or double lane version available. - State-of-the-art technology basing on the construction of the well established BK design. - High format flexibility based on servo drive movements/ adjustments related to cup height - Flexible…
  • Blowing machine

    • iraq agrofood 2019
    • Hall 5 5B.4
    • agrofood Nigeria 2018
    • Landmark Centre - hall 1 1A.1.9
    • agrofood West Africa 2017
    • Accra International Conference Centre – Grand Arena B.27
    • agrofood Nigeria 2017
    • iran food+bev tec 2017
    • agrofood plastpack Ethiopia 2017
    OPTIMA is our newest machine which ensures a high production rate. It is equipped with four or seven blow cavities and a toggle closing unit controlled by electrical servo drives. The OPTIMA is a perfect solution for 0,25-2L bottles, ensuring high and reliable performance. The machine is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen with a graphics interface and an access to heating and blowing parameters, alarms and diagnostic.The machine can be connected directly to the conveyor as the blown bott…
  • Broiler Battery

    agrofood West Africa 2019
    The Original-SPECHT-Broiler battery is a very efficient management system for broiler production. The optimal cage depth allows an efficient use of floor space as a maximum economic animal occupation. Optionally, this battery type can be equipped with a feed hopper system, with a cross manure removal system and with an automatic animal out-housing system.