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  • iran agro 2018
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4th Floor, Shuoze Building, No. 12, Beiwei Jiayua, Beiyuan Street, Chaoyang District

  • iran agro 2018
  • Hall 44-1 44.59A

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Description du produit

Brief Introduction
Matrine, as a natural plant extracted, is refined and produced from several wild medical plants, such as Sophora flavescens Ait, Veratrum nigrum L, and A. carmichaeli. Debx, etc. the active ingredient is Matrine and Oxymatrine. The other ingredients in the product enforce the efficacy is the special assistant made from Chinese traditional medicine through biotechnology.

The toxicity test of Matrine was carried out by the Institute of Occupational Medicine Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, which results showed that acute oral LD50 to rats was more than 4000mg/kg. Acute dermal LD50 to rats was more than 10000mg/kg. All showed this product was low toxic. And also safety to natural enemy.

  1. Remarkable control insects Two days after application, Matrine can reduce the harm caused by pests notably, and it alone can greatly decrease target pests, such as aphid, Pieris fapae L. and carmine mite etc. High effect natural insecticide with contact and stomach action by lulling insect central nervous system. An environment friendly insecticide because of its low toxicity. With broad spectrum against lepidoptera, Plutclla xylostella, beet armyworm, tobacco cutworm, Cabbage armyworm, Cotton bollworm etc. Also effective against cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, aphids, tea tree aphids and caterpillar, cotton Aphids, red spider
2. Effective dispelling function Pests cannot damage crops after spray Matrine. Especially preventing pest occurrence again.
3. Decreasing resistance risk Matrine is fit for pest resistance management because of its unique biological mode of action.
4. Increasing efficacy: Matrine can be mixed with many chemical pesticides and fertilizer to enforce killing effect, meanwhile, reduce chemical pesticide residue.
5. Stimulating growth: Because all active ingredients are from natural medical plants, which contained abundant organic nutrient and trace elements can stimulate crop growth, and increasing output.

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