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  • State Company for Food Industries - Subsidiary of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals

    • iraq agrofood 2019
    • Hall 4 4F.2
    THE STATE COMPANY FOR FOOD INDUSTRIES IS FORMED ON 1/JANUARY/2016 AFTER MERGING THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES :- 1-THE STATE COMPANY FOR VEGETABLE OILS INDUSTRY/Established in (1940-1969) 2- THE STATE COMPANY FOR DAIRY PRODUCTS / Established in (1953-1982) 3- THE STATE SUGAR COMPANY / Established in (1959-1970) 4- THE STATE COMPANY FOR TOBACCO & CIGARRET./  Established in (1963)The company specializes in the production OF:-    Edible fats and oils, soaps , detergents, and cosmetics.    …