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  • Amadori

    iran food+hospitality 2017
    With solid roots and an eye to the future, Amadori is one of the Italy’s largest agro-food companies, with a reputation for quality, safety and transparency.   It all started in the 1930s with the poultry and livestock business, and from there it has grown into an innovative and benchmark company for meat based dishes in the market, with a wide and tasty variety of products. At the basis of Amadori’s success is the integrated supply chain that the company manages directly, in order to ensure th…
  • Burgers & Marinades

    Produit de V. MANE Fils
    • iran food ingredients 2018
    • Hall 35 35.1
    • iran food ingredients 2017
    MANE Meat Centres of Excellence provides customised functional and aromatic solutions for the meat industry throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Using our in-house technologies, we create a wide range of customised functional and flavouring blends for the meat industry and burger applications. MANE technologies encompasses a full portfolio of cutting edge solutions ensuring a perfect multi-sensorial delivery of flavours and taking into account your constraints.
  • Conservas Oderich S/A

    • iran food + hospitality 2018
    • Hall 5 5.50
    Conservas Oderich SA se consacre à la fabrication et à la distribution de produits alimentaires en conserve et embouteillés. Avec 110 ans de tradition, la société Oderich exporte plus de 200 produits différents dans 60 pays sur les 5 continents. Notre gamme de produits se compose de viande (boeuf et volaille); des légumes; cornichons; condiments, assaisonnements et épices; produits à base de tomates; compotes, fruits au sirop et confitures. La société a été fondée par Adolfo Oderich et Carlos He…
  • VLAM - Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board

    agrofood West Africa 2019
    Fine artisanal meats and poultry products from Belgium truly enrich your local cuisine. Straight from the heart of Europe, they add tradition, quality and craftsmanship to your plate.The Belgian meat suppliers are masters of both the tradition and the technology to be forerunners in fine meats and poultry export.